Kiko Esseiva - Parcours Fléché

from Masters Chemical Society

Limited Edition Cassette

"Any recording technology has a poetry."

An interrogation of mundane reality by self-taught musique concrète artist Kiko C. Esseiva. "Parcours Fléché" (or "Arrow marked path") represents modern life as a tightrope walk from childhood to death. Sounds of work and leisure recur, entangle & deform. Larger patterns are revealed. These are the rhythms of our days, seen at great remove. Working with elderly tape machines and digital editing, Esseiva has constructed something profound from the moments we ignored.


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Masters Chemical Society Seattle, Washington

Our solucyon ys cause of our coagulacyon; For the dissolucyon on the one syde corporall causyth congelacyon on the other syde spyrytuall.

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