Timm Mason / Cathartech - Sleep Study 1

from Masters Chemical Society

Limited Edition Cassette

First in a series of investigations into the possibilities of collaboration between waking & sleeping consciousness. MCS label chief Timm Mason delivers a clinical self-running modular synthesizer patch that both mirrors and prolongs the conscious disintegration of early-stage sleep. Cathartech assembles a continuous mix from hours of rigorous self-documentation of carefully engineered sleep states. Thorough notes from both artists are included.

AUDIO> soundcloud.com/masters-chemical-society/timm-mason-cathartech-lleep-ltudy-1-preview

"Lucid dreaming and hypnogogic mirroring of a drift towards unconsciousness...an abstracted cauldron of drone, smoke, and dislocation not at all dissimilar to those recent collages from irr. app. (ext.)."
-Aquarius Records (aquariusrecords.org)

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Masters Chemical Society Seattle, Washington

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