Ak'chamel - The Unseen Traveler

from Masters Chemical Society

Limited Edition Cassette

Rhythmic chants from a darker world. If Smithsonian Folkways published the Necronomicon as a book on tape, it might sound like this. Psychopompic incantations and hypnotic gloom captured on cassette.

AUDIO> soundcloud.com/masters-chemical-society/akchamel-the-unseen-traveler-preview

"Ak'chamel's deliberately lo-fi, murky temple music conjures not only the post-industrial rituals lusting for the pagan days of Druidic Britain but also the pantheistic, impishly playful rhythms from Thai temple music as well as some choice nods to the occult ethnomusicology of their professed influences, The Sun City Girls."
-Aquarius Records (aquariusrecords.org)

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Masters Chemical Society Seattle, Washington

Our solucyon ys cause of our coagulacyon; For the dissolucyon on the one syde corporall causyth congelacyon on the other syde spyrytuall.

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