Nerve Net Noise - Magnetic Breath

from Masters Chemical Society

Limited Edition Cassette

"Breath is spreading in all the universes,
connecting all, protecting all, making all."

Japanese three-legged race by Tagomago (mix, effects) and Kumax (homemade synthesizer, sax). Nerve Net Noise are known for their fascinating broken rhythm patterns for oscillators, featured on releases by Intransitive and Staalplaat. On Magnetic Breath, they balance the electronic sounds with the inclusion of alto saxophone for the first time. Elliptical orbits and splintering reeds.


"What we get is akin to Pan Sonic with reeds, both dry and manipulated streams of sax striding alongside minimal, mostly rhythmic electronic noise."
-Decoder (

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Masters Chemical Society Seattle, Washington

Our solucyon ys cause of our coagulacyon; For the dissolucyon on the one syde corporall causyth congelacyon on the other syde spyrytuall.

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